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50th Reunion


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Thanks to
Tommy Hedge  BHS Class of '61

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After months of web and library searching and phone calls by our team of classmates we have found, for at least today, all of our BHS class of 57 classmates. Special thanks to
Jerry Spence, our road warrior, Larry Martin our computer researcher and Bill Biggs
for keeping up with it all. Also Jesse Hibbetts and the BHS personnel for their help.
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Here are some new "old" pictures from Jim Chambers

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James Webb

Ya'll get them cars tuned up and get ready for our next re-union!


James E. Webb with his "pride and joy" in his home at 105 West Bernard, Clute, 1956.

Across the street from the photo lived the Rickaways (of "Reck's) and Larry Christian's

family. Out of the picture to the right over the shoulder of James would have been the

Clute Theatre before it burned to the ground.

Thanks to all for the pictures, Keep 'em coming

freeport brownies

My Wife Barbara and I spotted a lot of my classmates in this pic. Also Her sister Rebecca Brooks
is in the second row with a white ribbon in her hair.
Below is the info Joy sent me about this picture.
>------- Original Message -------

                 >From : joy spears
                 >Sent : 4/23/2007 12:41:46 PM
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                 >Subject : FW: Girl Scouts - Freeport 1948 or 1949
                 >I am on the left end on bottom row. Next to me is my sister Magdalene
                  Brinson. She would have been in the class of 59 but we moved to New Mexico
                  when she was in the 7th or 8th. I have more pictures but will wait to hear
                  from you, if these turn out.
Mr. Wallace's Class 1951

Clute Elementary 1951
Mr. Wallace - Teacher
Third Row,  Left to right:
Herschel Baucom , Tommy Evans, Jerry Don Esslinger, Raymond Dirsnowski, Dennis Bass, Doyle Payne, Roslyn Williams, Duane Hall.
Second Row:
Floyd Walling Thomas, John Ed Ferguson, Weldon Andrus, Mamie Walton, Carol Jo Jackson,
Ronnie Wines, Margarett Magness.
Front Row
Bernadine Poehl,  Evelyn Spencer, Charlie Ripple, James Webb, Chester Gilliam,
Carl Lee Pyle,

Patsy Swain, Janell Galyean,  Mary Sue Abel

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"Gone But Not Forgotten"